Time Passes Anyways

Whether you focus on it or not, the time passes. Whether you spend the day upset, or feeling on top of the world, the seconds, minutes, and hours go by. Why not make it worth it?Why not focus on positive emotions and gratitude?Why not be present when that is really all you have at the … Continue reading Time Passes Anyways


Anxieties of Starting Something New

Whenever you start something new there are always jitters, doubts, questions, and fear mixed with excitement, hope, motivation, and pride! Starting a new job today has me feeling all of these things but I am happy to say, mostly the later! The trick with this new job is that is it normally remote, SO: a. … Continue reading Anxieties of Starting Something New

Writings of the Day

By the time I turned around, I've forgotten to be. Running so far forward, away from pain, protecting myself from being hurt, trying to figure life out in a day. How exhausted these journeys make you. You stand there and you wonder, you walk, you run, and you think. Why doesn't it stop? But then … Continue reading Writings of the Day

New Way of Packing

I went to Cali in October when I wasn't really ready to smile, have fun, and be a good guest. I packed all wrong.┬áToday I head back to California with a brand new approach to packing. This weekend I pack the good first! I celebrate. I smile. I laugh. I am excited. I relax. I … Continue reading New Way of Packing