Driving in the Mountains

"Today I'm in the valley," I recently told a friend. I meant I was in the shadows, a little less bright driving along waiting until the sun peaked through again. The birds were still chirping, the wind was still blowing, and the sun never went away but from my perspective the sounds were lost, nature … Continue reading Driving in the Mountains


Ongoing (and) Constant Disorder

But wait what-if..wait no last time I did x,y,z. Should I feel this? Or that? But what if I don't know? I need to ask someone...."You think I should do it right?" "I have never been like this does that mean I am in love? But wait, what about when I ...or what if I … Continue reading Ongoing (and) Constant Disorder

Rollin with the Punches

Sometimes I feel like the punches keep getting thrown at me. Sometimes harder than others, sometimes I am able to dodge them and sometimes I feel like I get nailed right in the face. Let’s see if you can handle depression and anxiety? oh and why not a little OCD making decisions hard and overthinking … Continue reading Rollin with the Punches

Think about thinking

Don't think about a pink elephant. ...I bet you thought about a pink elephant. There have been so many times that I have thought about something and then I think about thinking about that something. Don't lie and say "what?" Reread that again and I am sure you know what I am talking about! We … Continue reading Think about thinking