Fighting Your Own Fears

Recently I announced that an article I wrote was published on an international website and that announcement exposed me. It exposed things I struggle with, it exposed intimate details about myself that otherwise I wouldn't share with the world, it made me vulnerable and open for critique, but yet it made me, me. Of course … Continue reading Fighting Your Own Fears


Rollin with the Punches

Sometimes I feel like the punches keep getting thrown at me. Sometimes harder than others, sometimes I am able to dodge them and sometimes I feel like I get nailed right in the face. Let’s see if you can handle depression and anxiety? oh and why not a little OCD making decisions hard and overthinking … Continue reading Rollin with the Punches

Magnetic Force Field

I have been told many times that I am a guarded person. It has been said in different ways like being "mysterious," "in my head," and "there was so much going on in there." There has been one person who has wanted to find out what it's all about, and I feel like I failed … Continue reading Magnetic Force Field