Help Someone Help Themselves

A post written a while ago but still depicts my passion today!! A night out with my two best friends for dinner. This is a habitual thing but tonight was a bit different. I had met with a business friend right before seeing my friends, and our talk about his work with people living with … Continue reading Help Someone Help Themselves


Finding Balance

It wasn't until I found a balance that I started to find me. I used to be all about school. A 92 wasn't good enough if someone else got a 93. My head would be on a constant swivel of trying to see what grades other people got to be able to compare my grade, … Continue reading Finding Balance

I Don’t Even Know

How about the times that you just don't even know how you feel. There are so many things happening around you, so many decisions, so many feelings, so many responsibilities you just kinda shut down to all of them and deny them all...that's a familiar place for me. Processing and thinking about certain things isn't … Continue reading I Don’t Even Know

Thinking Without Thinking

When I am not thinking about anxiety and OCD, I am thinking about anxiety and OCD. It is annoying actually but somehow becomes an enemy, friend, and shadow all in one. It's like the feeling when a little child plays the "stop copying me" game: that nagging thing in the back of your mind that … Continue reading Thinking Without Thinking

Exercise is My Drug

Heart races. Sweat pours. Body aches. Burning sensation. Mind goes blank. World around me┬áblurs. Can't see anything else; can't hear anything else...Focus. Determination. Sounds like a few things huh? Could be really bad spinning into a panic, a bout of anxiety with no place to go. Funny how the physical symptoms are so similar to … Continue reading Exercise is My Drug