When the Ebbs Flow

5 years in and it still happens.Yup our moods can change. They ebb and flow and the ebbs flow and will always ebb again.I have accepted that my mood can dip without notice, and I just have to be patient. Part of the nature of mental health is that it happens. You wake up one … Continue reading When the Ebbs Flow


Crushing goals

      Running the windy uphill trail at the state park in my town...This has been a goal for a while! No idea why but to challenge myself. Sometimes I come up with things that don't necessarily excite me but sound intriguing simply because it is a challenge. I woke up with this challenge … Continue reading Crushing goals

There are always two sides

To the person loving someone with mental health struggles: I know it’s hard. I know you care. I know you want to try but it just seems easier not to. It is easy to listen to someone with anxiety spew their doubts and then give up when it gets to be too much. Do not … Continue reading There are always two sides