Connection. Safe. Lock. Fit. Click. When it matters, it matters and sometimes life hands you its pick. When it feels right you will just know, Willing to fight, willing to move, willing to grow. It won't happen often. I know that's true for me, I chose wisely and don't give just anyone the key. My heart … Continue reading Connection


There are always two sides

To the person loving someone with mental health struggles: I know it’s hard. I know you care. I know you want to try but it just seems easier not to. It is easy to listen to someone with anxiety spew their doubts and then give up when it gets to be too much. Do not … Continue reading There are always two sides

I Miss You

I miss the comfort; the ease; the love. I miss feeling like we were never strangers. I miss the silence that never mattered. I miss the hours that felt like seconds. I miss the honesty in my voice without hesitation. I miss the smiles that stretched out for miles. I miss not caring what anyone else … Continue reading I Miss You