Untangle the Necklace

Therapy for me is something that I have interest in as a profession as well as it being necessary for me in order to better have a grasp on the anxiety disorder that I deal with. I find the process of how to heal and treat mental issues fascinating. The unraveling and dissection of a circuitous weaving of neurons … Continue reading Untangle the Necklace


Lonely vs Alone

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that there is a big difference between being lonely and being alone (solitude)? The difference is actually significant because one you can enjoy and learn a lot from, and the other stems from, and can cause discomfort, sadness, and depression. When you are in a crowd or with your … Continue reading Lonely vs Alone

Be your own author

Ever wonder how your life will turn out or why some people are fleeting while others stick around? Ever wonder if you have gotten to the conflict and are closer to the resolution, or if the recurring themes are unique to you? Life is a story and each one is different than the other. Each of … Continue reading Be your own author