Welcome! I am very excited to finally start my new blog, Neutralize. This was inspired by a friend of mine who said “you have a lot of wise words to share so just do it.” Nike always wins I tell ya. So here I am sharing my thoughts on life, my trials and tribulations, my journeys and successes, my lessons, and my tips and passions. Despite holding a masters in nutrition and a history in crossfit coaching, I won’t only be posting about fitness, nutrition and health, even though everyone wants answers. The answers, my friends, are not in food or fitness but in balance and mindset! (don’t worry we will get into that later) I have a passion for psychology and interpersonal relationships, more specifically how the interplay between psychology and food make us think food is the panacea without ever peeling back the layers and exploring the factors contributing to this conclusion.

I have been through some food and mental health issues, and have done a lot of talking, thinking, exploring, and discovering. I have also helped a lot of other people change their relationship with food just by asking about their life and character. So while this blog has no one theme, I hope some of the words I type resonate with you, and inspire you. in some way.

Comment, think, reflect, and enjoy!giphy


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