I Pressed On

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Perspective. Tunnel Vision. Wide open view.
You choose. Well, they say you choose. But do you…?
They say “be positive,” “it will pass,” “just get over it,” or anything else that makes you want to scream and rip someone’s face off in the slight attempt to get someone to understand that if it were that easy, we would all be doing it. “No shit Sherlock. Thanks for the advice, never tried that before!”
When you suffer from mental health conditions, often you cannot control the chemical composition of your brain. Often you can be aware of triggers and try your best to control your reaction, but sometimes your mind cannot win over your brain. Sometimes you dip, sometimes you retreat, sometimes you withdraw but you press on. And that is ok.
I am here to tell you that it is ok. It is normal, expected, and to be accepted by you and everyone else. Sometimes the best thing you can do is communicate to your partner, your friends, your family that you might need a little time. Be open, know yourself, but definitely allow people in. Those who do not accept or understand are not those who need to be brought in, but allow yourself the time and space.
It will change. You will come up. You will rise.
We all do.
And I am always here to listen.

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