Having a Life in My Hands



Whenever a client walks through the door, it’s a clean slate. I must document and mentally file away the previous client, and recite a quick client profile in preparation for the next one walking through my doors. Some don’t want to talk, some want to vent, some talk about diabetes, some don’t. Either way, it is my job to take each client as an individual; no generalizations; each person as their own, and guide them through a fun and effective workout session. 

As a trainer for people living with diabetes, I understand that I have people’s lives in my hands every single day. My clients depend on me to help make them healthy. My clients people depend on me to make exercise fun. My clients depend on me to get them results. The decisions I make, and guidance I provide, is paramount to their enjoyment of exercise and their overall success. My goal is to make Fitscript a place people want to come; a place where my clients can take time for themselves, and a place that everyone feels comfortable being. 

One of the greatest perks about my job is that in addition to being a trainer, I become a friend. I am there to celebrate their successes, listen to and address their complaints, answer questions, mitigate their concerns, and share life stories. I have had clients come in crying, clients come in angry and stressed, clients spill their hearts out, clients so sore they don’t want to move but come back for more, clients so excited and ready to go, and clients skeptical about exercises I have them perform. All of these cases are chances for me to be that “someone” for my client. For me, this is a gift. Where else can I combine my two passions: wellness and counseling, but here at Fitscript. I get to meet new people everyday, form relationships that go beyond trainer-client, and celebrate in successes of people feeling better than they have in a long time.




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