New Way of Packing

I went to Cali in October when I wasn’t really ready to smile, have fun, and be a good guest. I packed all wrong. Today I head back to California with a brand new approach to packing.

This weekend I pack the good first! I celebrate. I smile. I laugh. I am excited. I relax. I enjoy. I love. I be in the moment. This weekend I will celebrate my future sister-in-law, one of my best friends, and someone so special in my life. Her and I have a lot yet to achieve together , explore together, share, and experience, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to gain her as part of my family this year.

I celebrate my friends. My health. My ability to travel. My strength. My love for people. My unwavering loyalty. My change. My perspective. Lastly, I pack my presence.

I still take my anxiety, depression, OCD, struggles, desires, longing, and hopes with me, but this weekend I will do my best to use all that I have learned to make that the last thing I pack with me.


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