Self-Blame Game

It’s vicious. It’s a cycle that is hard to get out of. It traps you. It is unfair but feels so appropriate. You roll the dice, move forward, but then the next time it’s your turn you lose momentum and slide backwards to where you started. It becomes a tango, sliding forward and backward, excited then dejected, motivated and then discouraged, winning and then losing. This game of blame is like the game “Sorry” (how appropriate). One card moves you a few steps forward, and the next sends you a few steps back. Remember part of life is this dance. Part of life is a cha-cha of forward and backward, sometimes spinning, dipping, dodging, tripping, or tip-toeing but keeping a positive outlook is key. Practice the steps, know the patterns, and have faith in yourself. Always remain hopeful that the next card is your time, springing you forward and keeping the momentum strong.



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