I have had quite a few conversations lately with people who want to change certain things in their life or are facing certain decisions, and just say they don’t know how to do it. I smile and say, “yes you do.”
We always think we don’t know the answer, don’t know the next move, don’t know the right choice to make, but I am here to say you do. There is something to be said about being fearful about an answer and not being willing to be honest with yourself and open to hearing what the truth is. There is something to be said about making decisions a lot harder than they need to be or than they really are. We can be stifled by the “what ifs,” plagued by the “shoulds” and feel we are being responsible with “yes, but…” However, those are ways in which we remain stuck in our heads. Being stuck in your head means overthinking, second guessing, stewing over a decision, feeling stuck. Does this sound familiar?
We have all been there before and it’s so common to feel this way and stay stuck in this way. We often think this is the way to finalize a decision and reach a solution. If only we can sit there and think on it forever an answer will magically appear, right? But, I promise, it will not.
If there are things you want to change but are confused as to the steps to take, sit, pause, think, listen.
The answers you are seeking are right there. In the silence. In your heart. In your soul. Sometimes we are just too afraid to see them. Sometimes they might not be the easiest ones, the ones we expected, or the ones that are the “better” option but for some reason they just fit.
Trust it. Hear it. Follow it.
You are the designer of your life.


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