Untangle the Necklace


Therapy for me is something that I have interest in as a profession as well as it being necessary for me in order to better have a grasp on the anxiety disorder that I deal with. I find the process of how to heal and treat mental issues fascinating. The unraveling and dissection of a circuitous weaving of neurons and chemical signals in the brain, is a testament to how malleable and fascinating the brain actually is. Think of when your necklace with the thinnest chain or your headphones get so tangled you just want to shake them until they unravel. Then you realize shaking does nothing more than hold the knots in their same place or even make the knots worse, so you surrender and fall back on the “find where it starts and go backwards from there, one knot and one twist and turn at a time.” That is the same thing with therapy. Go backwards to learn about the person, get to the heart of the problem, and be able to move forward in treatment and discussion from there.

There is a high probability that you will take wrong turns, make mistakes, have to retrace steps and potentially, start over. There are always pieces sticking out that need to carefully be placed back into the natural weave of the strands. There are larger knots than others, easy segments and hard segments, “ah-ha” moments and “wtf” moments, but despite the frustration brought on by this nonlinear path, remember things worth fighting for are rarely easy, linear, or without struggle.

I have been told multiple times that I am a good patient. I guess that means I listen, I am interested in the process and the treatment, and I am very aware of my mental situation. I think a lot about what’s going on, why it’s happening, and what I need to work on. I am also good at untangling necklaces so I hope that means therapy will be a successful process for me.


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