What does self-care mean to you?
Is it fitness, books, music, outdoors, or a combo of a few?
Hopefully it’s something you have built into a habit,
Nothing that you fade in and out of but rather enjoy it.
Self care must be part of your day to day routine,
Otherwise you feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and downright mean.
I try to keep my morning routine so I am set for the day,
Coffee, journaling, workout, and meditate-that’s my way.
Most days it’s just what I need to feel good and ready to go,
But sometimes the steps lose their power, and I just feel low.
Some days self care is easy and other days I have no idea what it looks like.
Some days walks, music, phone calls, and sunshine help and other times, sike!
Sometimes you know it will pass so you sit through it and let it be,
And other times, the mud feels so thick that it becomes hard to clearly see.
Hard to see what’s in front of you, be grateful and feel the good,
But sometime without warning, it changes like we knew it would.
One foot in front of the other is sometimes all you can do,
Until the internal tide changes, and the sun shines anew.


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