Notice the Small Things

So often we can get caught up in wanting big changes and getting frustrated if they don’t happen right away. Sound familiar?
I know I feel that way sometimes. I feel that way now where I have become hyper focused on two changes that I want for my life that just don’t seem to be happening. I am frustrated, impatient, eager, and excited all at the same time. But what this is doing to me is making me unaware and unappreciative of the small things that DO happen. As it goes, the small things are what add up.

We have to pause. We have to see the small things, be grateful for them, tell the world “thank you,” smile, and just breathe it in. If you are asking for bigger things, they dont always come tied up in a bow and delivered at once. You must keep your eyes open and acknowledge the little things that show up. Each time something shows up, there is a chance to express gratitude and allow for more things to show up. These things are what lead you to the final place that you have in your mind.

This is something I have lost sight of over the last few weeks. I was very diligent with my “asks” and being self aware enough to pause and see each little thing that came my way, and you know what-more came to me! Shocker! But new habits are hard to keep if you don’t practice, and sometimes when your mood shifts, it can throw off your whole vibe. This happened to me and I am dedicated to keeping my vibrations high again. I am recommitting to my mindful practices and seeing the small things, thanking the world for the deliveries, and keeping my eyes open for each gift. I know the larger things are coming-I see the picture of it so clearly it amazes me-but I have to get back to showing the world I am seeing it all and open to all the signs that are being delivered. Like attracts like, and the more we can be in the present moment, aware of what messages we are receiving, the closer and closer we get to the dream life we see when we close our eyes.


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