Whether you focus on it or not, the time passes.
Whether you spend the day upset, or feeling on top of the world, the seconds, minutes, and hours go by.
Why not make it worth it?
Why not focus on positive emotions and gratitude?
Why not be present when that is really all you have at the moment?
Everything else is extraneous, intangible, and hypothetical until it manifests.

I don’t mean to make it sound easy, because it’s not but when you think about it, the time passes anyways so what will you do with it?
What’s meant to be is going to be whether you spend your emotions focusing on something else or not.
Unless you are looking at your emotions and letting them teach you and tell you something, working with them to alter your mindset, I challenge you to consider how much power they are having in your life.

This is something I work on a lot and some days are easier than others to turn my mood around, but being aware of it is step one.
In fact. days that I am more in the moment and positive vibes are flowing, are the days I feel most alive and more good things happen.
So…habits take a while to form, right?
Let’s get going!


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